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Alpha Space Test & ResearchScreen Shot 2020-01-05 at 3.49.11 PM Alliance Client Success Story:

Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance, a commercial space company serving markets for space research, development, and testing, had recently spun off from its parent company to become a stand-alone corporation.

This left Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance with no one to handle its human resources (HR)-related needs: payroll, benefits, and HR support. As a new business, Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance had many concerns surrounding its HR duties. It needed to comply with local, state, and federal tax guidelines, offer affordable medical plans under a small group policy and get assistance with payroll.

The business manager, Jacque Malota, was already busy when the tasks were handed to her. Jacque’s background is in finance, and she worried about making mistakes with withholdings, which could lead to fines or even investigations.

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"Questco’s exceptional knowledge of benefits, combined with its outstanding client service, stood out to the employees of Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance."

Jacque Malota
Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance

"I don’t consider Questco a different company or a vendor of mine. I just consider them another branch of Stauffer Pipe Services."

Cyndi Beach
Stauffer Pipe Services

"Hiring Questco is one of the best things we ever did as a company. They are good partners, and the additional resources they provide make running a business so much easier. I can always count on them."

Master Machine

"We've been with Questco for 7 or 8 years, and we get approached all the time to switch PEOs, and I won't even talk to them now. There is no way anyone could give us what Questco gives us."

Keith Gross
Multitech Group Inc.