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How to Measure and Improve Employee Mental Health
Prioritizing employee mental health is now a competitive necessity, as it attracts top talent by aligning with the growing focus on well-being.
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How Businesses Support Their Employees Mental Health
Join Questco's CHRO, April Simpkins, to explore how businesses can support employee mental health and become true allies.
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Crafting Compelling Mental Health Awareness Messaging
Employee mental health is vital for success; employers must support it, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month.
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6 Low-Cost Initiatives for Mental Health Awareness Month
Mental health directly impacts employee productivity and retention, with neglect potentially causing production halts and employee burnout.

3rd Party Resources About Mental Health

Here are additional resources you might find helpful for exploring mental health support, including blogs, guides, recordings and educational pages offering valuable insights and tools for managing your mental health.

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ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS: Mental Health Conditions
Mental illness significantly impacts a person's thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and ability to connect with others.
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April Simpkins: Mental Health Advocate
"I became a mental health advocate in 2022 after my baby girl, Cheslie Kryst, succumbed to her battle with depression and died by suicide."
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Depression May Look Different in Black Women
Research from NYU and Columbia shows depression in Black women typically appears as sleep issues, self-criticism, and irritability.
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When we have to have a conversation about hard topics, it’s important to plan ahead so you aren't caught which can set us back.
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Accommodation and Compliance: Mental Health Conditions
About one in four adults has a mental health condition, as categorized by the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-5.
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Why Many Women of Color Don’t Want to Return to the Office
A study reveals women of color in tech avoid office returns due to facing racism, sexism, and identity misconceptions.
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MENTal health in America: a 2022 workplace report
This study provides a blueprint for creating a healthier, more productive America where everyone thrives.
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8 Accessible Mental Health Resources for BIPOC
Post-pandemic, mental health is vital, yet BIPOC individuals may face challenges accessing resources in a mainly white sector.