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What Today's Business Owner Has to Know About HR

What Today's Business Owner Has To Know About HR

Are you up-to-date with current HR tips and trends? The modern HR landscape is changing and it's vital for a company's growth to evolve with the times. From emerging regulations to talent acquisitions and employee happiness, this eBook discusses the things that businesses need to know about HR in 2020.

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HR Tech vs. PEO Cover

The Difference Between Using HR Technology and Using a PEO

Have you ever wondered what the difference between purchasing an HR software from a Technology Vendor and using a PEO? We've created a one-sheet comparing the two side by side to easily see the differences. 

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Grade Your PEO Scorecard

Grade Your Current PEO Scorecard

It can be hard to tell if your professional employer organization is providing you best-in-class service without a solid rubric to guide the way. That's why we created this scorecard to help you decide. 

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What Makes Questco Different?

Not all PEO and HR outsourcing companies are created equal. Here is an infographic showing five features that set Questco apart from the others.

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10 Ways To Screw Up Your Business?

Check out this eBook to learn 10 specific things you can do right now that will greatly increase your odds of a not-great outcome for your organization.

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6 Modern HR Strategies and Trends to improve Employee Engagement (And 5 to Leave Behind)

Engagement is a common workplace problem that causes unhappy employees and high rates of turnover. Download this eBook to learn how to solve this problem.

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The Complete Employer Health Plan Checklist for Growing Businesses

It can be difficult to choose a health plan for your employees. Check out this eBook for a complete checklist to guide you while you make your decision.

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7 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When It Comes To HR Compliance

Knowing these common compliance errors ensures you take a proactive stance and that you fully understand what you need to do to protect your company.

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No BS Guide

The No B.S. Guide To Human Resources Strategy for Business Performance

Successfully navigating HR leadership is both challenging and time-consuming because you have to balance the needs of the organization and the needs of its employees. Get the straight facts in this guide.

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5 Rules About Employee Retention That Are Meant to be Broken

Keeping talent is one of the most considerable competitive advantages in today’s talent ecosystem. Most of the rules you've been taught about employee retention are wrong. Do you want the truth?

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outsourcing partner

How the Right HR Outsourcing Partner Brings you Closer to Your Dreams

 Any time spent on payroll or benefits administration eats into time you could spend interacting with customers, making new sales, or improving your operations. 

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What is a PEO?

What is a PEO? Graphic Explainer Video

Have you ever wondered what a PEO actually does? Watch our graphic video to learn more about these all-in-one HR outsourcing solutions.

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Case Studies:

The Questco Difference-thumb

The Questco Difference Case Study Video

Not all HR outsourcing companies are created equal. Check out this video to hear what some of our customers think sets us apart from the “other guys."

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Apache Oil Company was able to increase their bottom line and streamline their HR Processes

Consolidated Benefits Administration Grows Bottom Line

This video demonstrates how Apache Oil Company was able to increase their bottom line and streamline their HR Processes at the same time by working with Questco.

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Master Machine Formalizes Safety Program and Reduce Workers Comp Claims

Formalized Safety Program Simplifies HR Load for Management

Questco helped Master Machine formalize a safety program that streamlined their business and reduced workers comp claims across the company.

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Questco Eases Stress During I-9 Audit for Stauffer Pipe Services

Sailed Through Stressful I-9 Audit with Help from Questco

Stauffer Pipe Services had a very stressful I-9 Audit but because they outsource their HR to Questco, they were able to go into the audit stress-free and prepared.

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Alpha Space

Stress-Free Start-Up Keeps Team Focused on Growth

As a new business, Alpha Space Test & Research Alliance had many concerns surrounding its HR duties. Questco helped them comply with federal tax guidelines, offer affordable medical plans and get assistance with payroll.

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